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Do you have enough saving for your living expense after retirement?

80% of the retires have less than RM800 per month as living expense!

Accoding to KWSP, the contriutors ust have at least RMM196,800 in their KWSP account in order to have RM800 per month for their living expenses after retirement.

Savings is your answer to Financial freedom after retirement.

53% of the retirees regret of not having started saving earlier.

Gen Y Malaysians need to learn how to manage their expense and learn to save more.

According to a consumer confidence survey, 43% of Malaysians chose to send their spare cash on holidays and vacations while another 33% slurged on new clothes.

While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a well-deserved holiday, it should also not derail your long-term financial goals.

Research showed that 32.2% of Malaysian investors save for the emergency purpose.



Insurance Solutions From A-Z

The increasing awareness on the importance of life insurance has led to the increase of demand in the market. We offer a comprehensive range of insurance and investment solutions.

Income replacement
Legacy building
Medical expenses

Emergency fund


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