Do you know that...
Our assets will not be automatically transferred to our loved ones upon our demise.

Our assets might "Shrink" in the process of transferring them to our loved ones.

Our beloved might not enjoy the benefits as we wish if the fund is not well managed.
 As a person passes away:
All his assets will be frozen.

His family members need to pay for all debts, i.e. tax, legal fees, business debts, personal debts, etc. before inheriting any balance of the asset.


Recently there has been a lot of emphasis on setting up private trust in addition to writing a will especially for high net worth people.

Do you know what is the difference between a Will & a Trust? Is writing a Will sufficient to ensure your Wealth is properly passed down to your loved ones?

For those who have written a Will, have you looked into things like: Question regarding unequal value of the properties & assets that he has willed to your children? Any chance of the will being challenged? If the spouse has been appointed administrator &/or beneficiary to the will, what happens in the unfortunate event of double tragedy since husband & wife usually travel together? Who will administer his estate? Is that person willing & capable of doing so? Does he/she have the money to pay all outstanding loans, legal fees, stamp duty, taxes, estate duties (if it comes into force) before he/she can unlock the assets from the estate? Is there a concern that the estate might shrink quite substantially after paying off all the above?

We are able to help you address these issues & show you how a Private Trust can help eliminate many of the problems above.


Consequences of no proper Estate Planning
Assets are frozen upon demise. Therefore, no immediate cash for loved ones when they need it the most.
Our loved ones may inherit debts instead of assets.
Loved ones may have to lower their quality of life
Assets may shrink during the estate administration process..
Assets might not be distributed according to your wish.
Business might be disrupted or liquidated because of inability to settle business debts.


What can we do to avoid the above circumstances?
Solutions - Insurance Trust
What is Insurance Trust?
Financial arrangement in writing in which the insurance payout is managed by a trustee.
The trustee handles and distributes the monies as instructed by you in trust deed.

Benefits of Insurance Trust
No freezing, no hassle. Fund will not be frozen upon demise.
Your insurance payout will be immediately accessed by your Trustee and can provide immediate cash to pay off debts and living expenses to your loved one.
Is creditor proof - Your wealth for your loved ones will not 'shrink'.
You wealth is managed by professional.
Fastest and most economical way to create emergency fund though life insurance.
Your wealth will be distributed according to your wish
I. Beneficiaries of your choice, anyone or any organization
II. In the manner you want i.e. in one lump sum or in periodical payment, etc.
Bypass Faraid and Distribution Act.



Allianz PrimeLegacy provides high insurance coverage during your income earning years while enabling the accumulation of your wealth to be used as retirement funds during your golden years or to be left as a legacy for your loved ones.

Receive up to 5x your Insured Amount when you pass away before the age of 71

Additional Total and Permanent Disability benefit

Switch your focus to wealth accumulation after age 70, while still being protected

Pay term options between 3, 6, 10, or 20 years

Maturity Benefit at age 100
Terms and conditions apply.




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