Estate Planning

Recently there has been a lot of emphasis on setting up private trust in addition to writing a will especially for high net worth people.

Do you know what is the difference between a Will & a Trust? Is writing a Will sufficient to ensure your Wealth is properly passed down to your loved ones?

For those who have written a Will, have you looked into things like: Question regarding unequal value of the properties & assets that he has willed to your children? Any chance of the will being challenged? If the spouse has been appointed administrator &/or beneficiary to the will, what happens in the unfortunate event of double tragedy since husband & wife usually travel together? Who will administer his estate? Is that person willing & capable of doing so? Does he/she have the money to pay all outstanding loans, legal fees, stamp duty, taxes, estate duties (if it comes into force) before he/she can unlock the assets fr the estate? Is there a concern that the estate might shrink quite substantially after paying off all the above?

We are able to help you address these issues & show you how a Private Trust can help eliminate many of the problems above.




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